He was born alive with human eyes 
but one pointed outward up to the sky 
and the view was rather small
A five year old who was never told 
why his two hands became twofold 
when the double vision lied
Oh life went on the same within a paper plane 
With paper people too, a paper me and you
The celestial sphere didn't cause much fear 
with objects closer than they appeared 
He'd never stop too short
when the polar planes contort
Oh life went on the same  within a paper plane 
with paper people too, a paper me and you
But then the day came to realign his brain 
with an expanded view he wasn't used to 
The eye was sliced, incisions so precise 
Muscles sewed onto a red eye that once was blue
But with a forward gaze through diplopia haze 
A world came into view that he had never knew 
And he was interlaced
in three-dimensional space
now he walks the street with 3d feet 
And all the 3d people that he meets

have faces once beguiled
i've got a 3d life, no depth perception strife
I'm gonna cut my bread with a 3d knife
And it's lovely livin' on that layer
Oh life is not the same
I done crashed the paper plane 
And the paper people came true
and so did paper me and you


from No Prancing Required, released June 8, 2012
CK - guitar, bass, vocals, drums, fan, bicycle


all rights reserved



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