God, You Look Terrible

from by School for Robots



god you look terrible, i know you get this all the time
why's it so unbearable to sleep together in this slime
preservative propriety is crumbling from corporate crime
these fearless creatures give a shit but only when it's on their dime

how's about another punch up drunken in your wedding gown
keep on sloshing thinking of the time you never wore a frown
then pick up all the pieces of the glass that broke when you fell down
and go on carry your head high as you parade throughout the town

how's about i just refrain from all these people
as long as they still congregate inside my steeple
why are you laughing at the way that i wear my hair
did your mother never tell you that it's not polite to stare

people in the street are hungry for a new dichotomy
never thought they'd all just sit and wait for a lobotomy
well here we are standing in a new dimension that you made
and don't you wonder why violence doesn't make people that afraid

did you ever peer inside a vintage mirror
and wonder if the image had ever been clearer
well strip away the silver backing and it's just a pane of glass
with visions from the present future people echoing the past

god you look terrible, we haven't slept for a week
why aren't you available to come around and take a peek
at the image you created through the hands of the elite
who's inheriting this now, i know it surely ain't the meek

god you look terrible
god you look terrible
why's it so unbearable
to make what's my mine shareable

god you look terrible
god you look terrible
create a new parable
and make our clothes wearable

god you look terrible, god you look terrible god

how's about i just refrain from all these people
as long as they all keep inside like docile sheep I'll
look away from the cop kicking you in the shin
and pretend i don't see mice elf in their shiteating grin

God you look terrible god you look terrible
God, you look terrible


from No Prancing Required, released June 8, 2012
CK - guitars, bass, vocals, keys
Frank Hegyi - drums, percussion, SPD-11


all rights reserved



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