Got me starin' at my shiny button
Keep on clicking but it don't show nothing
Never sated I'm a tiny glutton
Just a crawl away, but won't come out and play

Keep on gawkin' though I should be walkin'
Sit here stalkin when i could be talkin'
Have another trip around the clock and
all we say was said yesterday

Say something new

that will surely entertain
Say something true,
or make it up it's all the same
Trivial Goo
leaks from our collective brain
just leak away (today)

See what we're doin when we're doin' nothin'
Feel what we're feelin' when we're feelin' somethin'
Eat when we're eatin' have another muffin and
roll away in our mind puree

Say something new
To keep me clickin' on the shiny button
Clock is tickin' but we're learnin' nothin'
Never sated you tiny glutton,
Hey, why dontcha

stay there starin' at the shiny button
Keep on clickin' though it shows you nothin'
Never stop typin' out your minced word mutton but
who's gonna listen when it all comes crashin' down

...maybe now i should try to say something
but the words they still amount to nothing
Although my head's filled with trivial stuffing,
I'm day dreamin', just day dreaming', i'm
day dreamin' through life for something new

that will surely entertain
Say something true
Or make it up it's all the same
Trivial goo
leaks from all our fucking brains

Just leak away

and keep us clickin' on that shiny button
keep on clicking on that shiny button


from No Prancing Required, released June 8, 2012
CK - guitars, vocals, keys, bass percussion
Zoogie Bros., Frank Hegyi - additional drums


all rights reserved



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